IController<T extends IViewHolder> This is one of the most important interfaces of the C2CallSDK. 
IControllerFactory<T extends IController> This factory creates new controllers of given type T 
IControllerRequestListener This interface is used to listen for events from an instance of IController Most controllers provide a constructor that directly takes and attaches an instance of this listener  
IFilterListController<V extends IViewHolder> This interface is should be implemented in Controllers that contain filter-able lists. 
IFilterListViewHolder An interface for all ViewHolders that contains filte-able list views  
IListController<T, V extends IListViewHolder, F extends IListItemControllerFactory<?, ?>, L extends ILoaderhandler> Interface that is implemented in all C2CAll SDK controllers that contain a list to display data 
IListItemController<T, V extends IListItemViewHolder> This interface is implemented by most controllers of list items within the C2Call SDK 
IListItemControllerFactory<T, M extends IListItemController<T, ? extends IListItemViewHolder>> This is an interface for factories that create controlers for list items 
IListItemViewHolder An interface of view holders of list items  
IListViewHolder An interface for view holders that contain a list view  
ILoaderhandler<T> ILodaerHandlers are used by instances of IController that maintain a list view. 
IPictureController<V extends IPictureViewHolder> An interface for controllers that maintain a picture view with remote pictures. 
IPictureListItemController<T, V extends IListItemViewHolder> An interface for list item controllers that maintain a picture view with remote pictures 
IPictureViewHolder An interface for view holders that contain a picture view  
IUserController<V extends IViewHolder> An interface for controllers that hold a user as data 
IViewDescriptionFactory This interface provides methods to create SCViewDescriptions for the various views of this SDK An implementation if this interface has to be set in the singleton of C2CallSdk  
IViewHolder ViewHolders are used by Controllers. 


SCBaseController<T extends IViewHolder> This is one of the central classes within the C2Call SDK. 
SCBaseControllerFactory<T extends IController> This is the base class for most Controller factories of the SDK. 
SCBaseEvents Base class for all Controller events within the C2Call SDK  
SCBaseFactory<T extends IController> Base class of several factories of the C2Call SDK. 
SCBaseFilterListController<T, V extends IFilterListViewHolder, F extends IListItemControllerFactory<T, ? extends IListItemController<T, ? extends IListItemViewHolder>>, L extends ILoaderhandler<?>>  
SCBaseListController<T, V extends IListViewHolder, F extends IListItemControllerFactory<T, ? extends IListItemController<T, ? extends IListItemViewHolder>>, L extends ILoaderhandler<?>>  
SCBaseListItemController<T, V extends IListItemViewHolder>  
SCBaseListItemControllerFactory<T, M extends IListItemController<T, ? extends IListItemViewHolder>>  
SCBasePictureController<V extends IPictureViewHolder>  
SCBasePictureListItemController<T, V extends IPictureViewHolder & IListItemViewHolder>  
SCBaseViewHolder Base class of all ViewHolders used within the C2Call SDK. 
SCViewDescription A ViewDescription is used to map elements of layouts/views to known and well-defined keys within the C2Call SDK. 
SCViewDescriptionMap A simple map that maps ViewDesriptions to integers.