public abstract class


extends SCBaseDecorator<T extends IController<?>>
implements IDecorator<T extends IController<?>>
   ↳<T extends<?>>
     ↳<T extends<? extends>>
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Public Constructors
Public Methods
void decorate(T controller)
Decorates the views of the given controller.
Protected Methods
int getOfflineIcon()
int getOnlineActiveIcon()
int getOnlineIcon()
int getOnlineStatusVisibility(SCFriendData contact)
String getStatusText(T m)
int getStatusTextColor(T controller, SCOnlineStatus status)
boolean hideOnlineStatus(SCFriendData contact)
void onDecorateStatusIcon(T m)
void onDecortateOnlineStatus(T m)
Inherited Methods
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From class java.lang.Object
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Public Constructors

public SCBaseFriendListItemDecorator ()

Public Methods

public void decorate (T controller)

Decorates the views of the given controller.

controller controller whose views should be decorated

Protected Methods

protected int getOfflineIcon ()

protected int getOnlineActiveIcon ()

protected int getOnlineIcon ()

protected int getOnlineStatusVisibility (SCFriendData contact)

protected String getStatusText (T m)

protected int getStatusTextColor (T controller, SCOnlineStatus status)

protected boolean hideOnlineStatus (SCFriendData contact)

protected void onDecorateStatusIcon (T m)

protected void onDecortateOnlineStatus (T m)